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About Us

  • SurveyTabs is a Market Research and Analytics Company based out of  Bangalore,India  which delivers market research and analytics services to the clients across the globe.The range of clients varies across Ecommerce, Education, Software, Media ,Healthcare, Telecom, Retail and Pharma industries.

    We also partner with the top research and analytics companies in different parts of the world.

  • Our team comprises of experienced professionals having multiple years of experience in market research and analytics industries. Our team is enthusiatic about creating innovative solution which deliver unparallel solutions to our client. Our team amalgamates their diverse core industry experience with the art of data crunching which makes the solutions deployable in a real time environment. 

  • We provide market research and analytics services for our clients in different industries. We do market research services like Data collection,survey design and Programming , Data analysis and Cross-tabulation , Advanced statistical analysis. 
    Our team also develops analytics solutions like predictive churn models , Market -mix models , Cross-sell upsell models, Forecasting etc over analytics tools like R , SAS , SPSS , Eviews etc which help our clients to achieve higher ROI.
  • We serve organisations which are looking forward for using market research and analytics services to support their future strategies in a quantified manner. We also work for analytics and research organisations to cater their clients with our specialized services. Some of our projects have also been with academic researchers who are in need of market research services for their research. 


  • We have an experience of working on large number of market research and analytics projects. Some of the case studies are provided in this section. 
    Since, this is a very limited view of the wide range of work we do, we welcome your queries for a specific kind of analytics and research requirements.


Latest News

  • Europe's landmark gas deal

    We are aware of the saying “keep all your options open.” Europe is doing just that with a landmark $28 billion natural gas pipeline agreement signed in Baku Tuesday which will open up what is called the Southern Gas Corridor in 2018. The nearly 20 heads of state, ministers and commissioners did not go out of their way to make the Russian connection with Ukraine as a reason to forge ahead, but one cannot overlook the motivation.

    The deal was signed in Baku on the very day Vladimir Putin met with Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich to potentially define how Russia may step up assistance to Kiev.

    After being frozen out in the winters of 2006 and 2009 with interruptions to gas supplies from Russia through Ukraine, the European Union has stepped up efforts to complete the agreement which was first drawn up in 1996.Azerbaijan came onto the energy scene when it launched the Baku–Tbilisi–Ceyhan or BTC oil pipeline from Baku to the southern Turkish port of Ceyan with political backing from the United States.

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  • China Bitcoin crackdown hits major exchange

    China's largest Bitcoin exchange said Wednesday that it has stopped accepting new deposits, a potentially crippling blow that could make it much harder to trade the virtual currency in China.
    The exchange -- called BTC China -- said in a post on Weibo that it "has no option but to stop accepting yuan deposits.""Bitcoin deposits, bitcoin withdrawals and yuan withdrawals are unaffected," the company said. "We will try to provide another deposit option as soon as possible."

    The post came amid reports that Chinese regulators have directed third-party payment services to stop working with bitcoin exchanges. If users are not able to easily deposit yuan into their accounts, it will be difficult for the exchange to function normally."As of right now, we have received notice from our third-party payment company that they will disallow customers from making deposits into our exchange," Bobby Lee, the exchange's co-founder, told the Financial Times.

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  • Photobox CEO: We are on a mission to conquer European markets

    Speaking with CNN's Nina dos Santos, Photobox chief executive officer Stan Laurent said European countries excluding the UK and France represent the group's "fastest growing geographies" but there was still plenty of market-share to gain."We're also expanding internationally very rapidly and that requires talent," Laurent said."We have to develop local talent even if we build it out of the UK... Local talent that can support local markets with the right level of service."

    The UK, Laurent added, is "a great place to find the talent that we need. We also think that driver for our business is the quality of the product and therefore it's not about doing the cheapest product."

    Following a spate of acquisitions, Photobox now owns the personalized card service and StickyGram, a site that allows users to create fridge magnets and phone covers from their Instagram photos.

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